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Why Horses?

Why Horses

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Mankind has long been fascinated by the mystery of horses. They embody power and grace. Horses have served many roles from beasts of burden to best friends but share the best gifts with us by being natural teachers and healers. Horses are sensitive prey animals with a highly tuned instinct. They live in a socially sophisticated herd where they must trust their instinct and rely on clear communication because their survival depends on it. Horses read intent and respond to positive and negative changes in body language and behavior. They intuitively sense the emotions and energies around them in that moment and in turn mirror and reflect those emotions and energies. When interacting with us they respond to what we are actually communicating. Most often they understand our intentions before we do and give honest and instant feedback. The horse becomes the bio-feedback mechanism in which we see ourselves and how we can measure our energy, effectiveness and non-verbal communication. They give us a genuine interpretation of our reality and confirm our own truths for what they really are not for what we think they are or what we want them to be. Horses are especially talented in this field because they have no real attachment with the outcome of our relationship with them. There is no ego or judgment involved. Having no pre-conceived notion of who we are gives us a chance to learn quickly what is normally difficult to learn from our human relationships. They are only concerned with our authenticity and congruency. They see all aspects of people, everything you cannot see, especially in one’s self.

Human Horse Connection

Through the human/horse connection we can:

  • Master non-verbal communication
  • Change old behavior patterns
  • Learn to set boundaries
  • Strengthen intuition
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Learn assertiveness without aggressiveness
  • Tune into your authentic self
  • Open the pathway to healing

"If god created anything more beautiful than the horse, he kept it to himself."

Horses also help keep us grounded and connect us to nature and the Earth, an important element missing from our modern society. They spark a sense of freedom and joy in our hearts. Recent studies have shown that just being in the presence of a horse will increase brain wave activity. They have a calming effect that can open pathways to healing and stored emotion. Horses also have been known to have an effect on balancing hormones, reducing stress and improving sleep. Many ancient cultures believe that horses are the gateway to the higher self. No wonder why we are so drawn to these magnificent creatures. They can connect with us on so many levels and we can use every amazing experience and interaction as valuable lessons learned in all aspects of your life.