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Team Building Workshop

Team Building Activities and Team Exercises Program

In today's market place, businesses are constantly challenged to perform and produce at higher levels to keep one step ahead of the competition. Companies are searching for new innovative ways to provide business education for their teams and leaders that is cutting edge, effective, and fast.

The Team Building and Leadership Program is a unique approach that utilizes experiential learning practices with horses as our coaches. Through direct experience we learn to develop unity, synergy, and confidence personally and with the team as a whole.

Unity, Synergy, Confidence... Success

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Team Building and Leadership with Equine Guided Learning and Enlightenment

Horse herd dynamics actually resembles the ideal model of a team in business today. Horses live in a socially sophisticated group or "herd". They are natural team players due to their prey nature and herd instinct. Each horse will find their way in the herd, whether itís lead stallion or mare or a supportive loyal herd member. Their place is determined by how they can best serve the group. Their survival depends on it. It is important for the individual to understand their specific role to the team and organization.

Horses naturally respond to what is happening in the moment. With split second precision they instinctively react, communicate, and adapt their strategy so they can return to grazing. They must have trust in each other and in the process to achieve this. By interacting with horses, they can mirror back to the group or individual where the strengths, weaknesses and challenges are. From there you learn how to quickly adapt, strategize and implement new skills to work towards the common goal. Participants will be able to identify effective and ineffective communication, learn new ways to act, react and manage relationships with others on the team. The feedback is honest and instant. Coaching with horses helps your team overcome obstacles and remove barriers that are limiting to the success of the team and the business as a whole.

Through these powerful experiences interacting with horses and a qualified facilitator your team can learn mutual respect which leads to mutual trust, and building good relationships builds good business.

Through These Powerful Experiences Learn to:

  • Develop self-awareness
  • Create cohesive teamwork
  • Promote creative problem solving
  • Strengthen non-verbal and verbal communication
  • Build trust and confidence as a team
  • Foster emotionally intelligent personnel
  • Recognize outdated strategies and implement new effective ones
  • Create harmony and balance in the work place

The change and insight comes through a personal perspective when the participants clearly understand how their every action, even sub-conscious and involuntary, effects and influences everyone on the team. When they can see for themselves and experience that when there is miscommunication, separation or conflict in the team, your horse will not step over the obstacle in front of them. When there is unity, synergy, clear intentions and confidence, the horse will leap over the obstacle with enthusiasm as part of your team.

Participating in a team building workshop at Equispirit boosts moral and gives your employees a new found hope with meaning and purpose in their job, rather than performing the bare minimum to make it through their day. Successful business understands the importance of their team and their people being on purpose. The employees will appreciate the experience, and the skills are paramount whether your goal is a more pleasant work environment or greater productivity and profit. We want to help you develop a like-minded, loyal, and trusting team or "herd" with a powerful and authentic leader.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workforce & Life

The following is an excerpt from "Emotional Intelligence", Linda Kohanov and The Institute of Heart Math.

"People who excel in the area of emotional intelligence tend to be more successful in life than those who score impressively on conventional I.Q. tests. Emotionally intelligent people are both graceful and compassionate under pressure. They meet life's unpredictable challenges with openness and goodwill. They have a calming presence that can transform the volatile moods of those around them, and they realize that all emotions, even the darker ones have the power to protect and inform."

This is what businesses are looking for in their employees and what employees are looking to build on in their work place. Experiential coaching with horses has proven to be one of the most effective learning methods, providing exceptional results in a timely manner. In the business world effectiveness and time equate to savings and profits.

Team Building Workshops and Leadership Programs are available by appointment only. We can accommodate small and large groups or individual sessions. We offer half day, 1-2 day and even longer depending on the level you wish to reach. All interactions with the horse are experienced from the ground and will empower you to make change no matter what your horse experience is. We can customize your workshop to address specific topics or points of interest to meet your needs. For information on rates and scheduling a workshop please .