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Personal Growth and Healing Workshops

Personal Growth and Horse Healing Workshops in Michigan

The human/horse connection can spark magic moments and those of us who had the honor of experiencing the power of the horse are often changed forever.

With horses as our intuitive coaches, along with a qualified and caring facilitator, we can gain profound insight about ourselves. By weaving together experiential activities with horses and nature based healing practices we can grow personally, emotionally and spiritually.

Awaken your intuition, Enliven your soul....
Explore the possibilities.

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Personal Growth and Healing with Equine Guided Learning and Enlightenment

In a gentle and nurturing way, horses can help us remove barriers we have unknowingly created in our lives. They help us experience the power of healing and the release of stored emotion that no longer serves us. We learn to use and trust our body's wisdom and intuition as useful information that supports our healing and growth. Horses are divine mirrors, reflecting what our body language, emotion and intent are telling them. This gives us a chance to learn very quickly with instant feedback on how to improve, empower and be our authentic self.

This program is designed to help you:

  • Gain personal awareness
  • Learn effective communication and body language
  • Develop emotional agility and emotional intelligence
  • Open pathways of healing
  • Practice living in the present moment
  • Empower yourself and become more self-directed
  • Develop and expand your intuition
  • Learn to set healthy boundaries
  • Boost confidence and self esteem
  • Live a life with passion, purpose, and joy!

Many of us have been in transition or holding patterns and are searching for a greater purpose and sense of fulfillment. We all want to live a more fearless life with unbridled passion and joy.

Equine Guided Learning Enlightenment helps us change the "False self" talk that suppresses us and holds self-limiting beliefs to a powerful inner voice that speaks of self-love and limitless potential. We yearn to be more confident to make better choices based on courage and heart's desire instead of habitual patterns and negative emotional tape loops that block the path of our success. Working with horses we can learn to transform a breakdown to a breakthrough. We become enlightened in the process and form a deeper connection to ourselves, others and all things in the world we create.

Who can benefit from this program?

  • Individuals, Groups, Families, Couples
  • Healers, Teachers, Students, Therapists
  • Teens, Youth, Adults
  • Anyone recovering from p.t.s.d., addiction, grieving/loss or illness
  • Anyone who is seeking life enrichment, healing and empowerment
Personal Growth and Horse Healing Workshops in Michigan

Personal growth and healing at Equispirit is more than self-help. You are embarking on an amazing spiritual journey of self-discovery, growth, and healing. We want to help you possess the tools to succeed in all aspects of your personal and professional life: mind, body, and spirit.