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Equispirit Partnership

This is a customized program designed to help improve the relationship between horses and their owners and riders. By building a deeper bond and building trust with pure intensions we can have a fluid partnership with our horses. We can try to achieve more resistance free riding and create a willing partner that wants to join us. Being an avid rider myself I realize the need for effective body language,clear intent,authentic and congruent communication when on my horse as well as on the ground. We want to feel like we are one with our steed and that's its effortless to will your horse to go where you want. This program will help those of us who want to feel more connected and centered when on our horses back and want to experience the human/horse connection on a deeper level.

With Equine Guided Learning and Enlightenment You Can:

  • Develop trust and a deeper bond with your horse
  • Work towards resistance free riding
  • Improve communication between horse and rider
  • Enjoy more time on your horses back