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Workshop Testimonials

"Maryellen was gentle w/ her approach and took the facilitation where it needed to go, thus allowing me to gain insight into myself. It was a wonderful experience! I would love to do a one on one for more personal growth."

J. Showers

"Excellent workshop!! I would recommend it to anyone. If you are afraid of horses and might think you can't do it, your wrong. The horses are gentle and you are always safe."


"Maryellen is authentic and passionate about her work with horses."

K. Beerthuis

"This was a very emotional and healing journey for me. I would highly recommend it to anyone"

K. Watson

"I'm not a horse person, so I didn't think it would be possible to connect with a horse at any level, but I was wrong. I absolutely loved it! Thank you!"

E. Henry

"The Equine Journey was the eye opening, heart opening and strengthening of my resolve to continue to be open minded and willing to learn"

Tim Nixon

"The workshop was awesome. It was the best way to get to know horses more. It went beyond just watching and admiring them, you actually got to spend time connecting with the horses. It was quite the experience."

Michaela Denardo

"I enjoyed the great day spent learning about horses. The facilitators were very, knowledgeable, professional and likeable. The Equine Journey program offered through the Inn at Bay Harbor wonderful and the Bay Harbor Equestrian Center was top notch."

Tina Ball

"It's never too late to try new avenues to enrich yourself."

Nancy McFadden

"It was a wonderful surprise to connect with horses in such a powerful way."

Kathy Kane

"An insightful and spiritual experience between man and horse."

Jan Baumgras

"One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had!!!"

Johanne Erickson

"Equine Journey is a unique healing experience. Safe, authentic and nurturing. A beautiful way to connect with one's self, nature, spirit and community."

Jan Stump Tharp

"The Equine Journey has made me become a better person in my personal and professional life. It has helped me self heal and regain the love and confidence I need to succeed in my future. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!"

Abby Thompkins

"I learned that power to affect can be accomplished without force or aggressiveness. I would like to try to work on this concept with others I want to influence positively."

Margaret Alexander

"I am a skeptic by nature and profession and also good at being private. It was profound to open up enough to let myself connect with a horse and be able to guide their movements with my body language, intent and feelings"

Kim Schneider

"It's a great program for anyone who wants a better and healthier understanding of their horses and themselves. A great chance to learn how to listen more to myself,animals and humans and understand their body language."

Marcy Chermside

"One of the best experience I have had with horses in a long time. It gave me a great understanding of the connection between myself and the horse through listening, body language and trust."

Mary Karl

"This was a great experiente. It provided me with a different perspective of horsemanship."

Katie Grangood

"As an active equestrian, this opened my eyes to a new journey to take with my horse and apply to my everyday life."

Devon Ziegler

"This workshop was really fun and I learned alot about communication and body language that I can use in everyday life. I loved connecting with the horses and being in the present moment."

Lisa Scholl

"This was gift to myself in so many ways. It touched my heart in ways I anticipated but also in ways unknown-in spirit and my soul."

Laura Culp

"This has been an experience that will stay with me for a very long. I have always strongly about the animal/human relationship, but this has confirmed my beleif. We stand to learn so much from our four legged friends."

Lee Wainwright

"No matter how old you are, you can have adventures that help you learn and grow."

Jane Curtis

"This is a wonderful experience that adds a new dimension to the way someone can understand thier energy and emotion."

Val Meyerson

"It's a very educational workshop to learn more about yourself and how to better yourself."

Lindsey Bonter

"This is the beginning of starting to FEEL a whole new way about life."

Zina Petersen

"Such a pleasant and relaxing experience that helps you connect with your feeling through an equine partner."

Jane Deshone

"To experience an animal of this size responding to my emotional wish and projected energy was amazing!!!"

Stephanie Callahan

"There is nothing as powerful as having something know you- your nuances and feelings. Things that may not even register in your own mind. I have never connected to a horse like that. To see an awareness in them and felt it in my soul. Something like this experience cannot be replicated."

Katlyn Hammond