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About Equispirit Horse Farm

Equispirit Horse Farm Offers a Variety of Workshops and Programs

Equispirit is a quaint and peaceful horse farm whose mission is to enrich lives personally, professionally and spiritually through the way of the horse. Our motto is "helping horses help people." We practice Equine Guided Learning and Enlightenment- a holistic approach that synergistically fuses the power of the human horse connection with the principals of experiential learning, nature based healing, cognitive behavior strategies, health, wellness and life enrichment. The cumulative effect from these powerful experiences aid in our personal growth and healing and enables people to shift into making positive change.

Through her vision, Maryellen Werstine (owner/facilitator) and her herd of intuitive horses have created a sacred space where human, horse and nature come together in harmonious union. Equispirit offers a variety of workshops, programs and classes design to heal, empower and enlighten your mind, body and spirit. We accommodate individuals and groups, young and old, riders and non-riders and anyone seeking life enrichment.

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Mission: Enriching lives personally, professionally and spiritually through the way of the horse.

Equispirit Healing Horse Farm is located 15 miles south of Gaylord along the 45th parallel. The setting is nestled in a quiet forest of rolling hills in the beautiful wilderness of northern Michigan. It is one of the most elevated spots in the Lower Peninsula. This gives the farm a serene and tranquil presence where you can experience the healing energies of nature. Adjacent to thousands of acres of state land makes this healing horse farm a private nature retreat through all seasons of change.

Equispirit Horse Farm, Located in Michigan

Vision: To create the sacred space where human, horse and nature weave together in harmonious union.

About Maryellen Werstine

Maryellen Werstine is owner and creator of Equispirit healing horse farm. Maryellen is a Equine Guided Learning and Enlightenment facilitator with over 20 years experience working with horses. As a young girl, Maryellen had an innocent love and admiration for horses. Through the years she explored many facets of the horse industry only to return, full circle, to that innocent love. It is at this level she feels the most joy and connection with horses.

Maryellen is an avid rider and spends much time bonding and interacting with her horses at Equispirit Farms. She has always felt deeply connected to horses and nature. Horses have played an integral role in her own personal evolution, growth, and healing.

Maryellen is also a nationally certified massage therapist and has over 10 years experience in numerous healing modalities. She centers her life around health, wellness, and joyful living. Maryellen's passion for horses and love of working with people create this unique center for healing and personal growth.

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Maryellen Werstine, certified FEEL Facilitator

Maryellen Werstine, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist